GPS Software



The SYSTECH IntelliFleetWeb GPS tracking and positioning software system has been providing customers with flexible and customizable services for a long time. It not only meets customers' needs, but also can easily achieve the purpose of monitoring and managing the fleet, and through systematic report integration and statistical analysis, it can effectively reduce management costs and improve enterprise competitiveness, and is the best tool for fleet management and dispatching. With combination of SYSTECH’s hardware equipment, management can be operated instantly without the conflicts between software and hardware setting.
Advantages of the product
-High applicability:
1. Fully applicable and highly integrated with the full range of CAREU products and peripherals.
2. The Fleetweb can directly give commands to the vehicle, which is convenient for the vehicle tracking management.
3. Fleetweb API is provided for easy integration with customer's existing system.
-High Immediacy:
1. The vehicle attribute window can clearly understand the current status of the vehicle and peripheral devices.
2. Support video type vehicle recorder for live broadcast, and event video upload function.
3. When an event occurs, the system provides SMS and WhatsApp to send to the manager.
-Highly Retrospective:
1. Historical driving tracks are presented as arrows and lines and can be played and represented with 5x speed for fleet managers to trace afterwards.
2. Support video type vehicle recorder, and history video playback function.
  •  Execution needs
  1. Minimum hardware level: CPU 2.0GHz / RAM 2GB / HD 4GB
  2. Operation System: Windows 7 or above / OS X El Capitan 10.11or above
  3. Browser: Google Chrome,Safari
  4. Screen Analysis:1024*768 or above (recommended)