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SYSTECH showcased CAREU UW1、UA1 trackers and IntelliFleetWeb software

March 17,2022

(New Taipei City, Taiwan) Systems & Technology Corporation “SYSTECH” is one of the Leading IoV Solution providers in Taiwan. SYSTECH cooperated with Kouei Group Japanese ao the main logistics solution provider for Taiwan Based Company. SYSTECH Designs manufactures and Produces its Automatic Vehicle Locating Tracker; we also developed our Fleet Management Software which is customizable, White label and Integration Service throughout APIs. SYSTECH’s Design, Manufacturing Processes are Made In Taiwan).

For this year's IT week in Japan, SYSTECH specially showcased its unique CAREU UW1、UA1 trackers and IntelliFleetWeb fleet management platform software.
CAREU UW1 is a compact 4G GPS tracking device with water and dust resistance to withstand the harsh outdoor environment (IP 67), as well as a rich I/O interface that Supports fuel consumption sensor, temperature sensor and Driver’s identification Sensors (RFID or i-Button). The main applications of the CAREU UW1 are for Logistics and Car sharing.

CAREU-UA1 is Multi-Purpose and Expandable Asset Tracker (3 models) ; IP67 Capabilities;  Build-In LTE-CatM1/NB1 Communication Module; Various Sensors such as Ambient light Change & Pressure Detection Sensors; Bluetooth Interface For remote configuration and Finally for Cost-Effectiveness, Installation of a Magnetic Stand with Tamper detection is attached to the body. Extensible to 3 Battery level the UA1 has Stand-Alone capabilities with Battery life up to 6 Years. The main applications of the CAREU-UA1 are the Asset Tracking, Warehouse, Construction & Mining Equipments tracking, ATMs Tracking etc…) 

SYSTECH’s Fleet Management Platform “IntelliFleetWeb” Is used by logistics, rental, transportation, manufacturing, or personal vehicle fleets to monitor fleet status, achieve real-time tracking functions as well as Video Tracking; Driver’s Behavior, and effectively manage fleets through statistical analysis reports, thereby reducing operating costs and improving business competitiveness.

Media contact: PeggyLee
TEL: +886-2-26981599#117
E-mail: Peggy_lee@systech.com.tw