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SYSTECH launches intelligent fleet scheduling solutions

December 29,2022

The leading brand of domestic fleet management, Systems and Technology Corp. (SYSTECH), carries out technical collaboration with Institute for Information Industry for the development of latest intelligent fleet scheduling solutions on rehabilitation buses. It successfully solves huge amount of daily demands of orders and significantly enhance the operating efficiency of rehabilitation buses in different counties and cities. Moreover, it saves the working hours of personnel rostering as well as the vehicle running cost.

  Rehabilitation Bus is an important social welfare in our country. SYSTECH started to introduce this intelligent scheduling system to more than 100 rehabilitation buses in Changhua County and Yunlin County this June.

  In the past, it took at least one or two working days to complete scheduling of personnel for rehabilitation buses in each city. After implementing the intelligent scheduling system, it successfully solves the huge daily demands of orders, saves 97% of time used for scheduling, and improves the uncontrolled human and social relationship factors caused by the manual scheduling. More importantly, the intelligent scheduling system is able to optimize the route, shorten the service mileage of each journey and each vehicle to save lots of running costs for operators, and contribute to environmental protection.

  The intelligent scheduling system used by SYSTECH on rehabilitation buses follows the optimal filtering methods for the ordered journey of the day, the first and last journey of the day, and the journey in between to match the most appropriate scheduling demand through computer intelligence in order to ensure the generated scheduling results enhances operating efficiency.

  SYSTECH is the biggest operator of rehabilitation bus fleet management in Taiwan. It provides a variety of software and hardware as well as total solutions for rehabilitation bus fleet management in more than half of cities in Taiwan. SYSTECH hopes to promote the intelligent scheduling solutions to more counties and cities in the future to benefit more operators and disabled families.