TAIWAN Rehabilitation Bus

Rehabilitation Bus Solution
Rehabilitation Bus solution


Handicapped people face problems to find the right transportation, also such transportation needs to be safe and offer commodity to its users. While some public buses are equipped to carry handicapped people, and some train and metro stations have the necessary infrastructure, this is not widespread enough.


Currently there are no exclusive service for handicapped people neither special apps aimed to this sector. So unless families can transport handicapped people or they’re lucky to find the right public transportation and infrastructure, then their mobility becomes a big challenge.


Having this into consideration, Systech developed an app for handicapped people that allows them to order online transportation specifically designed for them, the app was included inside LINE chat app. The transport vehicles also were fitted with GPS trackers for fleet control and also for users to be able to track their transportation and know when it arrives to pick them up. This way families can follow online the users and know their location during transportation. The system includes fatigue sensor to allow Fleet managers control driver behavior and provide safe service to their users.