August 20,2020
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Protect Your Valued Assets with SYSTECH Innovative Telematics Device

SYSTECH's asset tracking solution combines real-time GPS tracking, wireless configuration and bluetooth technology, which can easily monitor the status and conditions of your assets remotely. 

The UA1 tracker is a 4G M1/NB1 device and drops to 2G. The design allows the main unit to be paired with up to 3 NON-rechargeable batteries, one behind the other, or with 1 rechargeable battery. This design provides up to 6 years durability with 3 NON-rechargeable batteries, which can be changed. 

Moreover, the tracker allows remote configuration via Bluetooth, and comes with a light sensor for open door detection and event reporting, it also detects attempts to remove the tracker. Alerts can be configured when vehicles leave any geofence. The unique design of the patented battery pack allows it to be used in a wide variety of situations and requirements. With a durability of up to 6 years, the tracker is the best on the market.


Management Your Valuable Assets in every industry


Asset Tracker Solutions

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Systems & Technology Corp. (SYSTECH), founded in 1987, is a proven market leader in Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) solutions and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). With the innovative integration of CAREU tracker series and Intelli FleetWeb tracking platform, it enriches the functionality of GPS vehicle tracking and advance the capability of fleet management systems. We aim to provide an outstanding service for our customers to meet their needs. We offer customisations, integrations and whole solutions to transform our customer's needs into realities, SYSTECH always stays true to its commitment to product integrity and safety.

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