MapInfo Professional v2019


SYSTECH, is the Taiwan agent of MapInfo, the former company of PB (Pitney Bowes), which is the world's premier leader in location and communication intelligent software, data and services. With more than 30-year professional experience in GIS, SYSTECH provides customer high-quality GIS integrated solutions and services to meet customers' needs. 

*The products are authorized to sell in TAIWAN only.

Find, segment and update your data faster and easier with the new SQL Window:

Users can build and save SQL statements and MapBasic scripts. This helps to increase productivity by building, running and reusing scripts.

Enhance your location analytics with customized apps in the Marketplace:

Customized apps are released and updated continuously to help you solve your specific business needs. Need imagery of a specific area? MapInfo Pro Drone is available. Looking for additional special purpose tools? We have an app for that, too.

We’ve eliminated the hassles of upgrading


All of your existing workspaces and layouts will work automatically. In most cases, MapBasic apps will work without any modification needed.


Take advantage of free technical support during your trial. Plus, join the MapInfo Pro community to talk with peers, industry experts and the MapInfo Pro product team.

No more gaps

All of the important features from the MapInfo Pro 32-bit interface are here. Plus, we’ve provided the resources you need to get up to speed quickly.

We' ve got IT covered, too.

Give them the IT Quick Guide to help them understand the install process and dependencies.

CAREU P2 GPS Personal Tracker


CAREU P2 GPS Personal Tracker

All in One" Solution

Location analytics with powerful query capabilities and presentation quality output.

MapInfo® Marketplace

Customized apps to support your specific business needs with new apps continuously being added and released.


Extend the power of location analytics to non-technical users including a larger team of business experts, database experts, and developers who collaborate to deliver "self-serve" decision tools across the entire organization.


Looking for more? Leverage our interactive MapInfo Pro community. Collaborate to get insight from technical experts and peers and to improve the future of location analytics.




Hundreds of improvements including multi-monitor support, layer renaming, dynamic graticule, labeling improvements, customizable toolbars and more.


A robust and growing set of tools to augment MapInfo. Look for upcoming MapInfo updates here.


Connect with peers and the MapInfo product team to get answers to your questions, find events, get resources and much more.

Cloud Services

Free monthly credits for Geocoding and Drivetime regions with more to come. Inexpensive upgrade plans are also available for larger jobs.


Many new features:  snapping and alignment, templates, embedded maps, multipage layouts, etc.


We' ve added .NET and Python support for more powerful extensions to MapInfo. Plus, MapBasic has been enhanced with many new commands.


We' ve added .NET and Python support for more powerful extensions to MapInfo. Plus, MapBasic has been enhanced with many new commands.

SQL Queries

Enjoy new, powerful SQL builder and language enhancements for the power user. Plus, we’ve added tools for non-experts to perform spatial and attribute queries.


MapInfo now supports large files greater than 2Gb in size.  Take advantage of the many performance improvements and support for Unicode files.


Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 (64-bit SP1)
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 (64-bit SP1 with XenServer 6.0)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 (64-bit SP1)
  • Windows 2012 Server R2 (64-bit only)
  • Windows 2012 Server R2 (64-bit with XenApp 7.5)

Data compatibility

Common PC files

  • Microsoft® Excel
  • DBF
  • CSV and delimited ASCII text files


Relational and spatial databases

  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • PostGIS
  • SQLite
  • ODBC compliant databases
  • OGC GeoPackage (new in v16.0)


Spatial data

  • AutoCAD® DXF/DWG
  • SHP
  • DGN
  • GML
  • KML
  • And more

Maps and imagery

  • WMTS (new in v16.0)
  • WMS
  • WFS (version 2.0 support added)
  • CSW
  • Aerial images
  • Satellite images
  • Scanned paper maps
  • Microsoft® Bing maps